Electric Watercraft: single-seater

Electric Watercraft:  single-seater

There’s nothing like going on a boat ride on the lake or stream and just enjoy the view and the skies. It is even better if you don’t have to paddle or share the boat with anyone. This is now possible thanks to this cool gadget.

Taking a leisurely trip along the shore by yourself and nobody else is like a dream come true. Introducing the One-Person Electric Watercraft - this beauty allows you to enjoy effortless navigation for up to six hours (seriously, you just have to move a stick right next to you in order to stear). The sleek design includes a set of speakers for you to truly relax to the sound of your favorite music as you float on this pretty cool gadget.

These are some of the specs of the watercraft:

  • 12-volt electric motor
  • Mahogany trimmed
  • Chromed moldings
  • Dimensions: 94 x 47 x 26-inch
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Stainless steel drink holders
  • Cradling riders in twin foam-padded recumbent seats upholstered in marine-grand vinyl
  • Waterproof 120-watt audio system with two 5" speakers. These can play music from a connected iPod.
  • Built-in cooler with capacity for 12 bottles or cans of your favorite beverage. It is not recommended for you to actually consume this amount of beverage especially while riding a watercraft.


This U.S. product is sure to provide you with the most pleasant ride. Its two-blade propeller can propel you at a nice 4 mph cruising on calms ponds and lakes. Thanks to its stability and low center of gravity, the craft can be safely used by anyone with a weight of up to 320 lb. 

The craft is ideal for traveling fishing spots, swimming holes, or visiting neighboring docks. The battery is recharged by an AC connection. This beauty is on the market at a price of $3,500.


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